iPartynow 'Rockstar' Karaoke is sure to be a hit with ANY group at ANY event.  With our unlimited karaoke song library your guests are sure to find all their favorite songs and sing their hearts out at your next celebration! Our Hosts come with 2-4 karaoke song books to browse selections with slips & pencils ready to fill requests and hand in to the host.  We offer 6-8 microphones per event so you'll be able to sing with all your friends. We are one of the only companies to offer real-time auto-tuned microphones! That means that if you want, you'll be able to hit every note! Our mics correct the pitch & tune of your voice to sound like a professional singer! Everyone will be amazed at how great you can sing!  Your guests who are hesitant to sing will have no reason to worry! It doesn't matter how good your voice is, when you have autotune on you'll sound like a superstar! We also off 400+ vocal effects to throw your voice or change it completely to make your performance as funny or exciting as you like!  Our sound systems are stage-of-the-art, the sound is INCREDIBLE! Also, every booked karaoke event also comes with a beautiful room/dance floor lighting package that will bring an awesome element of excitement to the party at no additional cost.  

Karaoke isn't all you're getting at a iPNE Karaoke party! Our hosts come ready to DJ as well! We'll break up the sets and/or singers if you like with dance sets so that your guests who didn't come to sing will have a chance to enjoy all their favorite songs and let loose on the dance floor!  Having regular DJ music available for your guests is a great addition because it breaks up the karaoke music, engages all your guests and keeps your guests who came to sing excited for the next karaoke track! It also keeps your guests who DIDN'T come to sing dancing and enjoying themselves throughout the event.  Our DJ music library is also unlimited, so you'll be sure to hear and dance to all your favorite songs and artists!

Our 'Rockstar' Karaoke parties can be booked as private events and/or reccurring weekly bar or private establishment shows.  Call or email for date availability.  We look forward to rocking out with you soon!


Some of our favorite singers killing it! 

Every Tuesday Evening at 10pm! Unlimited music library - regular & karaoke - 6 mics - auto tune - vocal effects - 22” LED lyric display screen & the Dance floor is open as well - sets for dancing / sets for karaoke