The Model 5.0 HALO-LED iBOOTH!

With it’s Brlliant LED Halo, Our iBOOTH 5.0 brings a fun & exciting element to any event.

Pure Picture-taking EXCITEMENT and Endless Enjoyment!!

iPNE is now booking the Model 5 LED Halo Photo booth for all events, celebrations and occasions!  A stunning, fully interactive & user friendly, social media-ready photo booth that will wow your guests and keep them coming back picture after picture!  With Its eye catching design and beautiful LED lighting, not-to-mention a huge assortment of the highest quality, super fun props that'll keep your guests coming back to the booth again and again.  Their iPNE iPhoto booth experience will be one that they'll be talking about long after your event.

Our LED ‘Open Air’ inflatable enclosure’s shape can be changed to provide privacy/room for your pics

The Halo 5.0 Stands out from the Rest

Our Model 5 LED Halo ibooth is a beautiful white finished photo tower with a sleek, illuminated translucent 180* shade that creates a 'bubble' of privacy for gussets to take their pics.  The shade is customizable as well.  The tower has a beautiful LED Halo lighting system that illuminates the entire booth beautifully. It's presence will excite your guests, get them talking and draw them back again and again. The booth can be set to match any color theme. It books with 2 matching stools includes, allowing up to 4 people per photo // 2 sitting (with shade drawn). The stools can also be removed pic to pic for more standing room if desired.

The Halo booth can be used ‘Enclosed’ As-well-as in multiple ‘Open-Air Booth’ applications.

An Enclosed Booth, but with an 'Open Air' Advantage! With multiple booth/back drop options you'll have an awesome booth for ANY event or occasion!

The Halo ibooth is a perfect fit for any event. With its clean, smooth design and infinite LED color matching possibilities it will be sure to match any venue or event perfectly, while still standing out and drawing your guests in.  

While it is an 'enclosed' booth, you are not limited to taking enclosed pictures. The Halo's 180* Privacy shade gives you and your guests as much or as little privacy as you like while taking pics. Your guests can create awesome memories and be as silly as they like from behind closed curtains or they can pull back 180* shade for friends and family to pour in for a big group picture!

If you don't want a shade you can opt for the LED Open Air Enclosure, or you might like our Curved Bubble Backdrop available in Brilliant white which can be altered with intelligent lighting, or a green screen! Just set it a few feet back from the enclosed booth. The curved body rolls with the contours of the booth. If youd like a larger group pic or just want to move around a little, simply pull back the curtain to reveal the bubble back drop for your session!   

With simple touch screen navigation, guests of any age will find the booth very easy to operate

Easy to use, Even Easier to Enjoy!

The 22" touch screen display is fun, enjoyable and most important - User Friendly!

Guests of all ages and tech experience will find it simple to navigate and operate. Your guests will begin their countdown at their leisure, take their pics, send them directly to email or social media right from the screen if they like, collect their pics and be on their way back to the prop table to try another fun prop on!  

The display can be customized to your event, along with the photo strips using any font, image, design, logo or picture you like! With unlimited prints available to you for your event, coupled with an enormous prop collection your guests have endless options for picture opportunities. 


Our prints are beautiful, crisp and HD quality.  Not only gorgeous picture quality, there's almost no Down time between finishing your session and receiving your prints. Your pictures are Ready in 20-40 seconds.

We only use DNP printers - the industry's best.

With the highest quality props available & a huge selection, your pic options are virtually endless!

Props - Bet You Can't Try Just One!

As if the booth wasn't enough to get you and your guests excited, wait until you see the props we've hand picked for your event!  Your prop table will be PACKED with the most fun, exciting, and hysterical props available in the industry.  We are talking highest quality props available. Strong, durable, waterproof, hysterical, and AWESOME, the props will be the talk of your guests. From (reversible) facial feature 'stick' props to hysterical (reversible) signs and silly faces, his/hers props, super hero masks, wigs, hats and boas displayed over a 4' wrapped and illuminated table.  Your guests will have endless choices when it comes to creating memories with friends and family over and over. 

Your prop table would include props designed for your specific theme as well, whatever it may be!  

Our props are also sanitized throughout the event to aid in preventing the spread of germs.

EVERY booking comes with a loaded 6' prop table.  You also have the option to upgrade your prop table with any booked booth.

In addition to the strips you’ll collect, we’ll have a USB stick ready for you w/ All the pics taken

The Booth that gives back

At your party's end, a memory stick with all the pics from the party will be waiting for you - on us!

You can choose to have your party pics sent wirelessly to you using wireless(cloud) media storage - Your choice!

So Many Ways to Enjoy the iBooth. So Many Options to Enhance Your Experience

Please Enjoy Our Slideshows Above & Below to See What You've been Missing Out On.


Always 100% Customizeable to Your Event 

Aways the Biggest-the Best Prop Selection,


The Coolest Booth You Never Knew You Ever Wanted

A Few Options to Consider...

'Open Air' Inflatable LED Enclosure


Transform your Halo ibooth and give your guests a conversation piece, as well as the room to take tons of huge group pictures and still maintain the privacy allowed by an enclosed booth with this gorgeous inflatable enclosure.  (No privacy shade is used when using Inflatable LED enclosure)  The booth can be shaped to be as private or open/public to your guests as you like, and the iHalo Tower fits perfectly to create a beautifully lit booth/enclosure

- Also offers intelligent LED lighting for matching the event's color scheme or theme.

- Available for outdoor events - Booth under the stars.  It will also fit under most tents with 8ft clearance in the case of inclimate weather (EZ-up tent must be on site in case of rain - 10x10 smallest)  Just mention if you do not a tent but would like to use the enclosure for an outdoor event.

iCurve Photo Bubble Backdrop

The iCurve Bubble Backdrop is the perfect backdrop for any ‘Open Air’ Photobooth arrangement.

Our iCurve Bubble Backdrop is the perfect backdrop for any ’Open Air’ Booth arrangement. It’s beautiful fun, elegant curves & shape add style compliment any venue. It's contoured shape works perfectly with the curves of the privacy shade on the booth, so it looks as though it is a part of the booth to begin with.

The iCurve can be used as a standalone backdrop along with the Halo Booth Tower, or it can be used IN ADDITION TO the 180* privacy shade used with the enclosed booth. If guests would like a large group picture they can pull the shade back and have the ibubble there as the backdrop to handle the large group of guests.


Photo strip Memory books & Shutterfly Picture Books


We offer a few options for the party's end.  

- Photo Strip Memory Book - With this option we will take one strip from each pic taken throughout the event and create an album that will be available to you at the end of the party.

- Shutterfly photo book -

 With this option we will mail you a personalized Shutterfly Photo-scrapbook which will have all the pictures from your event printed directly onto their high quality photo paper. The pages will also be themed, decorated and personalized with 'flare' throughout the pages of the book in a style similar to scrapbooking. These books are one-of-a-kind and made to order according to your event. 

An advantage to this is that when the pictures are printed directly to the paper in the book, you never have to worry about photo care or maintenance in order to keep your pics/memories in great shape.

No one beats our quality or quantity. We always give you and your guests endless selfie options

Don't Stop at 6', Go for the 10' Super Prop Table! (illuminated)

Our standard 6' prop table is completely packed with awesome props to enjoy. So many props fill the table that there's almost no table top visible.


The only thing better than that is a BIGGER table with MORE props! 

We Bring a 6' AND a 4' Table and absolutely load them with the coolest, most enjoyable props available.  There will be props you probably didnt even know existed. Your guests will literally have endless photo options.  Imagine what your guests will come up with when presented with that many options. Virtually Endless possibilities for fun!

The Prop table(s) can also be illuminated to match the Halo booth

The 10' Super Prop Table is available for an additional charge.  Ask about this awesome add-on when booking your event

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